Name: Reg no: Born: Colour: Parents:
 CIE LITCH NORD CH, DKCH, SE(U)CH NOCH SJW-2017 LITJCH Lady MarmaladeTamaam SE58613/2016     ATCBA59748POL 2016-07-17  Brown, White and Tan JunCh. Lordsett Truly Madly Deeply & INTCh. C.I.E., Ch.PL, JunCh.PL
Elite Sensation Tamaam

3 months old photo: kennel Tamaan

32 months old photo kennel Tamaam3

weeks old photo kennel Tamaam

Cruella is a tough onwards girl with new lines that we have imported from kennel Tamaam. She is brown, white and tan.
On her first show became Cruella BOB-puppy,in Strängnäs in Marsh-2017
.  In the begining of April-2017 in Kungsbacka became Cruella BOB and BIS-2 puppy.
Cruella was on a double show on Gotland in the beginning of May-2017 and she wins the juniorclass both days and became best bitch-2 and got CAC and reserve-CAC.
In the middle of June-2017 in Vänersborg Cruella got reserv-CAC. In the middle of June-2017 in Gränna wins Cruella a big juniorclass and became best bitch-3 with reserv-CAC. In the beginning of July-2017 in Borås won Cruella the juniorclass again and became best bitch-3 with reserve-CAC In the beginning of July-207 in Sunne became Cruella best bitch-3 with CAC, she also became BOB-junior and BIS-junior.  In the end of July-2017 in Ransäter became Cruella BOB junior and best bitch-2 with CAC. In Druskininkai in  Lithuania 4-6 August 2017 got Cruela 3 junior-CAC, 3 junior-BOB, BOB and BIG-3 and Lithuania Junior Championand Cruft Qualified-2018
In the begiining of November-2017 in Växjö became Cruella best bitch junior and BOB-junior. In the middle of December-2017 at Stockholms International dogshowwins Cruella a big juniorclass and became Swedish junior Winner-2017, she also got reserve-CAC and Cruft qualification-2017. Cruella was runner up junior-2017.

In January-2018 became Cruella best bitch, got CAC and BOS and  BIS/BOS-2 in Kumla.  In the end of february-2018 vins Cruella the youngbitchclass in  Bö, Norway, and she got CAC and Nordic-CAC and BOS in Tlemark, Norwayin the end of february-2018 .n the beginning of April-2018 wins  Cruella the youngbitchclass again in Malmö. In the end of April wins Cruella the youngbitch calss and became best bitch-2 with CAC in Västerås. In the beginning of May-2018 won Cruella BOB two days after each other ad one of the day she become BIS and the other day she became BIS-3 at Gotland. In the en of May-2018 became Cruella best bitch-3 with reserv-CAC in Hasslarp she also became BOB and BIS-3 junior/youngdog. Day two in Hasslap wins Crull the youngbitch class. In the beginning of June-2018 wins Cruell the youngbitch class in Leksand. Cruella became BOS with her 10:th CAC in ALfta in the end of June-2018. In the beginning of July-2018 became Cruella best bitch-3 and best bitch-2 with two CAC on a doubble show in Tvååker. In the end of July-2018 became Cruella BOB and BIS and got CAC and became Swedish and Norweigen show champion in Örnsköldsvik. In the beginning of Augsut-2018 became Cruella best bitch, BOB, BIG-3 and she got Nordic-CAC in Svenstavik. In the end of August-2018 became Cruella best bitch-3 on Gotland. In the beginning of September-2018 became Cruella best bitch-3 in Gimo. In the middle of September-2018 became Crulla best bitch-2 in Eslöv. Cruella top show springer springer östra-2018

On her first show-2019 in the end of March became Cruella best bitch-2 with CACIB in Malmö. In the middl of April-2019 wins COrnelia BOS and BIS/BOS in Forshaga.
The May 4:t 2019 Cruella became BOB and BIS-3 and the day after the 5:th of May-2019 she became BOB and BIS-4 at Gotland. In the end of May-2019 in Gimo become Cruella BOS with Nordic CAC In the end of July-2019 in Ransäter become Cruella BOS with Nordic-CAC. In the middle of August on Bornholm Cruella become BOB with CAcib and CAC and danish show champion and Nordic show champion. She was also BIG-3. In the beginning of September-2019 becoma Cruella BOS with CACIB at Gotlands International dogshow.In the beginning of September-2019 in Högbo become Crulla best bitch and BOS with Nordic CAC. In the middle of November 2019 in Östersund Cruella become doubble BOB and BIS-3 and BIS-4.

In October-2021 become Cruella best bitch-4 one day and next day she become best bitch and BOS i Östersund.

-7-8 maj-2022 at Gotlandbecome Cruella 3:rd best bitch and the secound day she becom BOB and BIS-4

At Ulriksdal 21 May-2022 become Cruella BOB and BIS-2

In Piteå May 27 maj-2022 become Cruella BOS and in Skellefterå May 28-2022 become Cruella BOB and BIS

In Märsta 23 July -2022 become Cruela best championbitch and best bitch-4

In Västerå 24 July-2022 become Cruella best championbitch and best bitch-2 with reserve-CACIB

 In Droskininkai 5-7 August-2022 become Cruella BOB and BOG, 2 BOS , 3 CACIB, 3 CAC and Lithuania show champion and International show champion

In Askersund August 14 become Cruella best bitch and got Nordic-CAC and BOB and BOG-3

In Karlsborg September 4-2022  become Cruella best bitch-2

In  Kumla 21 January-2023 become Cruella BOB and BIS-2

In Mohdea 5 March-2023 become Cruella best bitch-4

In Västerås April 23 2023 become Cruella BOB and BOG-3

In Örnsköldsvik May 27-28 2023 become Cruella first day BOB and BIS-2 and the second day best bitch-4

In Västerås June 3 2023 become Cruella best bitch-2

Cruella semi-final qualified Stockholms most beautiful dog June 6-2023

Cruella become best bitch-4 in Vännäs 11 June-2023

In Umeå July 8-2023 become Cruella BOB and BIS and supreme BIS

In Umeå July 9 -2023 become Cruella BOB and BIS-2

In Askersund August 13-2023 become Cruella best bitch-3

At Gotland August 26-2023 become Cruella best bitch-2 and at the same place August 27-2023 become Cruella best bitch-3

At Öland September 3-2023 become Cruella BOS

In Sundsvall October 7-2023 become Crulla BOB and BOG-2

Cruella has:
4 BIS-2
1 BIS-2
3 BIS-3
3 BIS-4
5 BOG-3
1 BOG-2
21 BOB
14 BOS
16 CAC ! 1 in Norway and 1 in Denmark 3 in, Lithuania
1 reserve-CACIB
6 NORDIC-CAC (1 in Norway 5 in Sweden)
7 reserve-CAC (1 in Norway)
1 BIS junior
6 BIR/BOB-junior
3 junior-CAC

International champion CIE
Lithuania champion

Lithuania Junior Champion
3 Cruft Qualified-2018 and 2019 and 2023
Swedish Junior-Winner-2017
Swedish show champion
Norweigen show champion
Danish show champion
Nordic show champion
Springer östras showdog-2018
4:th best show springer-2019
Qualified to Stockholms most beautiful dog 2022
Qualified to Upplands most beautiful dog 2022
Springer östras showdog-2022

5:th best show springer-2022
Qualified to Stockholms most beautiful dog 2023
Qualified to Upplands most beautiful dog 2023
3:rd best show springer-2023
Springer ötras showdog-2023

Cruella BOB and BOG-2 Sundsvall 7 october-2023

Cruella BIS-2 Umeå

Cruella BIS Umeå

Cruella BIS Umeå

Cruella BIS Umeå

Cruella BOB and BIS July 8-2023 and BOB and BIS-2 July9-2023 in Umeå

Cruella BIS-2 in Örnsköldsvik May 27 2023

BOB and BOG-3 in Västerås 23 April-203

Cruella BOB and  BIS-2 in Kumla 21 January-2023

Cruella BOB and BOG-3 ni Askersund 14 August-2022

Cruella BOB, BOS, BOG and 3 CAC and, 3  CACIB Lithuania champion, International champion in Droskininkai,5-7 August -2022

Cruela best in show 28 May -2022 in Skellefteå

Cruella BOB and BIS-2 at Ulriksdal 21 May-2022
Cruella BOB and BIS-4 Gotland 8 May-2022

Cruella BOS Östersund 3 Ocktober-2021

Cruella BOB abd BIS-4 17 november-2019 i Östersund

Cruella OB and BIS-3 i Östersund 16 november-2019

Cruella BIOS in Högbo 7 september-2019

Gotland 1 september-2019 Cruella BOS

augusti-2019 på Bornholm

Cruella BOS and Nordic CAC in Gimo May-25-2019

Cruella BIS-4 Gotland 5 may-2019

Cruella BIS-3 Gotland 4 may-2019

Cruella BIS/BOS in Forshaga 13 Aprl-2019

Cruella september-2018

Cruella Nordic CAC, BOB, BIG-3 in Svenstavik Augsut-5-2018

Cruella BIS in Örnsköldsvik 29 july-2018

Cruella BOB andh BIS and Ceven (Big Brazzel Right Look Of Love) OS andh BIOsBIM ni Örnsköldsvik 28 July-2018

  Noah (Sandicam The Look Of Love) BOB, BIG, BIS and Cruella (Lady MarmaladeTamaam) BOS            

Cruella BOB and BIS-3 junior/youngdog Hasslarp 26 May-2018

Cruella BOB abd BIS-3 Gotland 6 may-2018

Cruella BOB andh BIS Gotlnd 5 may-2018

Cruella BIR och BIS Gotlnd 5 maj-2018

Cruella 2best bitch-2, CAC Västerås 29 april-2018

Cruella BOS, Nordic-CAC and CAC in Bö, Norway 18 february-2018

Cruella Kumla 20 January-2018

Cruella BOB junior in Växjö November 5 2017

Cruella i Droskininkai 4-6 August-2017

Cruella BOB and BIS-junior Sunne 8 Julyi-2017

Cruella CAC and reserve-CAC and best bitch-2 on Gotland the weekend 6-7 May-2017

Cruella in Kungsbacka BOB and BIS-2 puppy in the beginning of April-2017


7,5 mounths

7,5 months


3 months old photo kennel Tamaan

2 months old photo: kennel Tamaam

7 weeks old photo: kennel Tamaam

Cruella newborn

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