Name: Reg no: Born: Colour: Parents:
 SEVCH Big Brazzel Zuper Winner SE23901/2019 2019-04-04  Brown and White  SE(U)CH Big Brazzel Candy Crush och
DKCH(U) SE(U)CH DKKV16 NORDV16 DKJV15 AMSV15 AMSJV15 Sieger's Money Talks
3,5 months old  May-2020

7,5 weeks old

Calippo is daugher to Candy and Messi. She is brown and white In the middle of November-2019 become Calippo BOB and BIS-4 puppy in Östersund

Calippo lives with a co-owner in Stockholm and will start hunting training and of course will she continue to be show in the showrings.

In April-2021 become Calippo Swedish trackin champion.

Calippo has:
Swedish tracking champion


3,5 months old May-2020

Calippo BOB and BIS-4puppy in i Östersund i november-2019

7,5 weeks old


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