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Barecho Zimply



Brown and White

GBSHCH Trimere Thriller & SU (u)CH PLCH SV-07-08-09 Wongan Romanz a at Barecho


Photo:: Stina Yron Lund

Photo: Cia Lindroth

Photo: Cia Lindroth

Caitlin is daughter to Wongan Romanza at Barecho and Trimere Thriller,  she is brown and white. At 4 months of age, she has become BOB puppy 2 times and placed as BIS-2 puppy and BIS-4 puppy. She got her first class benefits and CQs then she was only 10 months old, she has been placed in best bitchclass serveral times. She became 5:th show springer of the year at Springer östra-2010.

During 2011 got Caitlin a puppylitter consisted of 5 puppies,
se previous litters.
During 2012 got Caitin a puppylitter consisted of 6 puppies.
During 2014 got Gaitlin a puppylitter consisted of 7 puppies.

She is staying and living with a friend to the family.


Photo: Britt Kiderud

Photo: Cia Lindroth

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