Name: Reg no: Born: Colour: Parents:
SE(U)CH DKCH LITJCH Big Brazzel Right Look Of Love SE51959/2017 2017-10-07 Brown white and tan Aust CH GBSH SEUCH Sandicam The Look Of Love & CIE SEU(U)CH ESTCH Big Brazzel Hot Sensation


Ceven 11 mnths old september-2018

8,5 weeks old
Ceven is  son to Cornelia and Noah, he is brown, white and tan. He is a soft and cuddly guy. Ceven coowned and lives at Gotland . On his first show four months old in Norway Ceven became BOB in his class and the second show a week after in the end of february-2018 Ceven became BOB and BIG-4  in Karlskoga.In the end of April-2018 became Cevwn best puppy male and BOS in Västerås .In the beginning of MAy-2018 became Ceven BOS puppy two days after each other at Gotland. In the end of May-2018 became Ceven BOB two days  and BIS-puppy 2 days in Hasslarp. In the midle of June-2018 in Gränna became Ceven BOB and BIS-puppy. Ceven became BOS-puppy in Alfta in the end of June-2018.
In the beginning of July-2018 became Ceven BOB-puppy in Tvååker. The day after in Tvååker  became Ceven best male-3 with CAC. In the middl of July-2018 became Ceven best male-4 in Västerås. In the end of July-2018 in Örnsköldsvik became Ceven best mle and BOS and got CAC. He also became BIS/BOS. In the beginning of August-2018 became Ceven best male and BOB and BOB-junior, he got junior-CAC in Druskininkia, Lithauen. The second day in Druskininikia became Ceven best junior, best male-2 he got junior CAC and got Cruft qulified-2019. Day 3 in Druskininikia became Ceven best junior and got junor CAC and BOB-junior, he got the Lithuanian juniorchampion titel. and became best male-2.
Ceven wins the juniorclass in Eskilstuna in the midle of Augsut-2018. In the beginning of September in Gimo Ceven got CAC and became best male-4 and in Eslöv in the middle of September-2018 became Ceven best male-3 and got his 5:th CAC.

In the beginning of January-2019 on My Dog in Gotenburg wins Ceven the junior-class and became best male-2 with CAC and reerv-Nordic CAC and BOB-junior. The second day in Gotenburg wins Ceven the juniorclass and became best male-2, he got reserv-CAC and BOB junior and Cruft qualified 2020. Ceven become Gotlands top show puppy-2 2018 (all breeds) In the end of March-2019 in Malmö became Ceven best mae-4 with his 7:th CAC. In the end of April-2019 in Timrå wins Ceven a big youngmaleclass and became best male nd BOS and got CAC.At Gotland the 4:th of May-2019 become Ceven BOS and BIS/BOS-4 with CAC and the 5:th of May-2019 become Ceven best male-2 with his 10:th CAC.
In August-2019 in Askersund got Ceven reserv-CAC and best male-3. Cevenbest male-3 with CAC and reserve-CACIB on Bornholm in the middle at August-2019
At Gotlands two days show in the end of August and beginning of September-2019 become Ceven best male-3 both days and got two CAC .In the middle of Novemer in Cevens first start in openclass he become best male 2 ad got his CAC and his championtitel. the day after he become best male-3 in Östersund.

Ceeven (Big Brazzel Right Look Of Love) best championmale and best male-2 and best male-3 at Gotland May 7-8-2022

Ceven has:
1 BIs/BOS-4
14 CAC (1 in Denmark)
2 reserve-CAC
3 junior CAC
1 reserve-CACIB
6 BOB-junior
1 reserve-Nordic CAC
Cruft qualified-2019
Lithuanian junior showchampion
Cruft Qualified-2020

Gotlands Top show puppy-2 2018
Swedish show champion
Danish show champio

Ceven (Big Brazzel Right Look Of Love) best championmale and best male-2 and best male-3 at Gotland May 7-8-2022

Ceven Swedish show champion and Danish show champion november-2019

Cecen CAC in Bornholm August-2019

Ceven BIM och 2:a bästa hane och två Cert Gotland 4-5 maj-2019

Ceven BOS and best male-2 with two CAC at Gotland 4-5 May-2019

Ceven BOS and CAC Timrå  21 april-2019

Malmö 30 March-2019
Ceven January 209

Ceven and his 5:th CAC only 11 months old, Eslöv september-2018

Ceven Lithuanian junior showchampio in Druskininikia August-2018
Ceven BIS/BOS and CAC ini Örsnslöldsvik 29 july-2018

Ceven BOB-puppy in Tvååker July-2018

Ceven BOB and BIS-puppy in Gränna 17 June-2018

Ceven two BIS-puppy Hasslarp the weekend 26-27 May-2018

Ceven BOB and BIS-puppyp 27 May Hasslarp

Ceven BOB and BIS-puppy Hasslarp 26 May-2018

Ceven BOB-puupy puppyclass 4-6 monts in Telemark, Norway 17 february-2018

 8,5 weeks old

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