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 Big Brazzel Join The Moment SE13297/2016 2016-01-23  Brown, White and Tan Colleen (SEU(U)CH NORDJV-14 Big Brazzel All I Love) och Paco (SEU(U)CH NOUCH WW-15 JWW-14 FiJV-14 Barecho Play Now Pay Later)

7,5 weeks old
Cessan is daughter to Colleen and Paco and is brown, white and tan. She is a very positive girl.
 In Söertälje in the end of May-2016 became Cessan BOB-puppy and BIS-puppy.

On her second show Cessan became BIS-puppy and BIS-3 puppy in Sunne in the beginning of July-2016
On her third show in the end of July-2016 this time in Ransäter became Cessan became BOB puppy again. In the end of August-2016 in Eskiltuna became Cessan BOB-puppy again. On her fifth show became Cessan once again BOB-pppy in the end of August-2016 in Ljungskile.

In the end of Marsh-2017 wins Cessan a big juniorclass i Högbo. In the beginning of May-2017 ws Cessan on a double show on Gotland and she wins the young bitch class both days and first day she become best bitch-2 and got CAC and the second day she become best bitch-3 and got reserve-CAC. In the middle of May-2017 became Cessan best youngbitch and best bitch-3 and reserve-CAC in Ulriksdal. In the middel of June-2017 became Cessan best bitch and BOS and BIS/BOS-2 in Gränna.I the beginning of July-2017 in Sunne got Cessan reserv-CAC.In the end of August-2017 became Cessan reserve-CAC in Märsta.. In the begiining of November-2017 in Växjö won Cessan a big youngbitchclass and got CAC.

In the end of February-2018 wins Cessan the openclass both in Telemark and in Bö in Norway, she also gt CAC. In he beginning of May -2018 become Cessan best bitch-2 and best bitch-4 at Gtoland she also got reserve-CAC both days In the middle of May in Skellefteå became Cessan best bitch-4 with reserve-CAC.In the endof May-2018 wins Cessan a big openclass in Hasslarp and became best bitch-4 with reserv-CAC. In the beginning of August-2018 became Cessan best bitch-2 in Druskininikia in Lithauen and got reserv-CAC and reserv-CACIB. The second day in Druskininikia became Cessan best bitch, BOS, she got CACIB and CAC and qualified for Crufts-2019..Day 3 in Druskininikia became Cessan best bitch-2 vith reserv-CACIB and reserve-CAC.

On her debut show afterr Cessansr maternity leave she wins a big openclass and become best bitch 4 and got reserve-CAC in the end of April-2019 in TImrå. In the end of May-2019 become Cessan best bitch-3 and she got her 12:th reserve-CAC in Gimo.

5 CAC (1 in Lithauen and one in Norway)
12  reserve-CAC (1 in Norway 2 in Lithauen)
2  reserv-CACIB
Cruft qualifeid-2019

Cessan in Druskininikia Augsut-2018

Cessan CAC in Växjö November 5 2017

Cessan BIS/BOS-2 in Gränna 18 June-2017

Cessan 2:nd and  3:rd best bitch with CAC and reserve-CAC Gotland  6-7 May-2017



Cessan 30 July-2016 in Ransäter

Cessan BOB and BIS-puppy in Sunne 9 july-2016

Cessan Best in show puppy Södertälje May 28 2016

Cessan 7,5 week old

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