Name: Reg no: Born: Colour: Parents:
SEU(U)CH PT CH PT J CH Big Brazzel Xtra Outstanding SE33814/2013 2013-05-28 Brown and white EUJW11 KBHW12 SEV12 DKCH(u) SE(U)CH NOCH(u) NORDCH HRCH
Sieger's Púre Gold &
Big Brazzel Born To Be Wild

10 weeks old

8 weeks old
Casino is brown and white and she is daughter to Chelsea and her father Amigo is from Denmark. She lives here at the kennel.
On her first show in October-2013 became Casino BOB-puppy
In April-2014 became Casino best juniorbitch, best bitch-2 and she got CC in Västerås. In the beginning of May-2014 recived Casino junior-CC and reserve-CACIB in Elvas, Portugal
I n the end of May-2014 became Casino best juniorbitch and got CAC in Vila Franca, Portugal, the day before that she got reserve-CAC. In the end of August-2014 became Casino best juniorbitch two day after each other in Estoril, Portugal, and she got junior CAC both days and became Portuguese juniorchampion. In the begiining of September-2014 Casino starts in openclass and became best openbitch and got CAC and reserv-CACIB. In the end of september-2014 Casino became best openbitch and got CAC in Arronches, Portugal.
In the middel of October-2014 Casino was on a doubble show in Sao Miguel at Azorerna in Portugal, the first day she became best bitch with BOB and BIG-3 and got CAC and the second day she became BOB and got her 4:th CAC and CACIB and now she is Portugues champion 16,5 months old.

In the begining of May-2015 became Casino best bitch-3 and got reserve-CAC at Gotland. In th end of August-2015 became Casino BOB and BIG-3 she got CAC and became Swedish show champion aswell. In the beginning of September-2015 became Casino best bitch-4 at Öland.

In January 2016
Casino got her first litter. In the end of December-2016 became Casino best bitch-2 with CACIB on Stockholms international dogshow.

In May-2017 got Casino her secound puppylitter.
In October-2017 became Casino best bitch-2 in Posnan in Poland with CAC and reserve-CACIB. In the beginning of November-2017 won Casino the championclass in Växjö and became best bitch-3.

Casino became best bitch-4 in Örnsköldsvik in July-2018

In her debut in veteranclass Casino become BOB and BIS-2 veteran in Östersund in October-2021

Casino has:
2 BIG-3
3 BOB 
4 CC/CAC in Portugal
2 CC/CAC in Sweden
1 CC/CAC in Poland
1 reserve-CAC in Sweden

4 junior CC/CAC in Portugal
1 reserve-CAC in Portugal
3 reserve-CACIB
1 BOB-veteran
1 BIS-2 veteran

Portuguese juniorchampion
Portugues Champion
Swedish Show Champion

Casino BOB and BIS-2  veteran Östersund 2 October-2021

Casino best champiobitch and best bitch-3 in Växjö November-2017

Casino BOB, CAC, Swedish Show Champion and BIG-3 in Täby August 23-2015

Casino and Andrea E

Casino Mayj-2015

Casino juniorchampion augusti-2014

Casino i Lisabon, Portugal juli-2014 photo kennel Albergue da Casta

Casino in Portugal Maj-2014 photo kennel Albergue da Casta

11 months old

Casino 9 months old

5 months old

3 months old

Casino 10 weeks old

Casino 9 weeks old

8 weeks old

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