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SEU(U)CH Big Brazzel Top List SE34052/2018 2018-06-04 Brown, white and tan Goldmoore´s All Time High & CIE EECH SEU(U)CH Big Brazzel Hot Sensation

3 veckor
Caramell is the daughter after Cornelia and Wayne from Cornelia's last puppy litter. She is a forward girl with a determined will. She is brown and white and a little tan.. Caramell has CQ from shows
Caramell become best bitch-2 at Gotland May-2019 and got CAC.In the middle of June-2019 become Caramell BOB and BIS-junior in Vännäs. In the middle of Augsut-2019 become Caramell best junior with junior CAC in Denmark on Bornholm. In the end of August-and beginning of September 2019 become Caramell best bitch wih CAC and BOS, the day after become CAramell best bitch-3 with reeserv-CAC, both days she become BOB-junior and day two she become BIS-3 junior. Caramell become best juniorbitch in Östersund two days in the middle of October-2019 and she become best bitch-4 and got reserv-CAC.

In Piteå May 27 -2022 become Caramell best bitch-2 with CAC and get her Swedish show champion titel

Caramell has:
 3 CAC
2 reserve-CAC
4 BOB-junior
1 BOS-junior
1 BIS-junior
1 junior-CAC
1 junior reserve-CAC

Swedish show champion

Gotland 31 August and-1 septmber-2019

Caramell BIS-junior Vännäs 16 juni-2019

Caramellbest bitch-2 with CAC at Gotland May 5-2019

Timrå 21 April-2018

3 months August-2018

8 vweeks

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