Name: Reg no: Born: Colour: Parents:
SEU(U)CH Big Brazzel Candy Crush SE13053/2014 2014-01-14 Brown and white SEU(U)CH Barecho Quite A Flyer &
SEU(U)CH Big Brazzel Hot Sensation

15 weeks old

Candy 13 veckor
Candy is daughter to Cornelia and Fly and is brown and white. She lives here at the kennel. Only 4 months became Candy 2:nd best puppybitch at Ulriksdal in the middle of May-2014. In the end of May-2014 became Carousel BOB-puppy and BIS-puppy in Östersund. In the end of May-2014 became Candy BOB and BIS-4 puppy in Hasslarp.
In the beginning of June-2014 became Candy BOB and BIS-puppy in Örnsköldsvik and the day after in Sundsvall Candy became BOB-puppy and BIS-3 puppy. In the beginning of July-2014 became Candy BOB-puppy and BIS-puppy in Sunne. Candy became BOB and BIS-3 puppy in Köping in the midle of July-2014 the day after in Askersund became Candy BOB and BIS-2 puppy and qualified for puppy of the year 2014. Candy became BOB and BIS-3 puppy in Ransäter in the end of July-204 and BB-puppy in Jönköping in the beginning of Agust-2014. In Svenstavik in the begining of Augsut became Candy BOB and BIS-3 puppy. In middle of August-2014 became Candy BOB again and BIS-4 puppy in Norrköping. In the end of August-2014 became Candy BOB-puppy in Visby, Gotland. CAndy became BOB and BIS-2 in Gustavsberg in the end of August-2014. In he begiining of September-2014 became Candy BOB and BIS-puppy in Vännäs.In the middle of November-2014 became Candy best juniorbitch in a big juniorclass, she got best bitch-4 and reserve-CAC. Candy became 3:rd best junoirbitch at Stockholms international dogshow in the midle of December-2014.

I the middle of March-2015 in Stängnäs became Candy best juniorbitch and best bitch-4 with reserve-CAC.

In July-2016 wins Candy a big openclass and got best bitch-3 with CAC in Sunne. In the end of August-2016 wins Candy a big opeclass and got best bitch-3 with CAC. In the end of August-2015 in Ljungskile wins Candy once again a big open class and she got best bitch-4

In beginning of April-2018 in Malmö wins Candy a big openclass and became best bitch-2 with  CAC and became Swedish Show Champion and reserve-CACIB.. In the end of July-2018 on her debut in championclass wins CAndy the class and became best bitch-2 in Örnsköldsvik. Candy wins the championclass in Eskilstuna in the middle of August-2018 in Eskilstuna.

Candy has:

2 reserve-CAC
1 reserve-CACIB

Qualified to puppy of the year-2015
Swedish Show Champion

Candy Chanpion in Malmö April 1-2018

Candy CAV in Eskiltuna August 21-2016

Candy July 9 -2016 in Sunne

Candy May-2016
Candy March-2015

Candy BIS-puppy in Vännäs September 7, 2014

Candy BOB and BIS-2 puppy in Gustavsberg August 31-2014

Candy BIS-4 in Norrköping August 16 2014

Candy BIS-3 puppy in Svenstavik 3 augusti-2014

Candy in Ransäter July-2014 BIS-3 puppy

Candy BOB and BIS-2 puppy in Askersund July-2014

Candy BOB and BIS-3 puppy in Köping July-2014

Candy BOB and BIS-puppy in Sunne July-2014

Candy 4,5 mounts old Junei-2014

Candy BOB and BIS-3  puppy ini Sundsvall June-2014                                         Candy BOB and BIS-puppy in Örnsköldsvk June-2014

Candy BOB and BIS-4 in Hasslarp

Candy 13 weeks old

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