Name: Reg no: Born: Colour: Parents:
SEU(U)CH Big Brazzel Candy Crush SE13053/2014 2014-01-14 Brown and white SEU(U)CH Barecho Quite A Flyer &
SEU(U)CH Big Brazzel Hot Sensation

15 weeks old

Candy 13 veckor
Candy is daughter to Cornelia and Fly and is brown and white. She lives here at the kennel and with Louise and Johannes in Solna. Only 4 months became Candy 2:nd best puppybitch at Ulriksdal in the middle of May-2014. In the end of May-2014 became Carousel BOB-puppy and BIS-puppy in Östersund. In the end of May-2014 became Candy BOB and BIS-4 puppy in Hasslarp.
In the beginning of June-2014 became Candy BOB and BIS-puppy in Örnsköldsvik and the day after in Sundsvall Candy became BOB-puppy and BIS-3 puppy. In the beginning of July-2014 became Candy BOB-puppy and BIS-puppy in Sunne. Candy became BOB and BIS-3 puppy in Köping in the midle of July-2014 the day after in Askersund became Candy BOB and BIS-2 puppy and qualified for puppy of the year 2014. Candy became BOB and BIS-3 puppy in Ransäter in the end of July-204 and BB-puppy in Jönköping in the beginning of Agust-2014. In Svenstavik in the begining of Augsut became Candy BOB and BIS-3 puppy. In middle of August-2014 became Candy BOB again and BIS-4 puppy in Norrköping. In the end of August-2014 became Candy BOB-puppy in Visby, Gotland. CAndy became BOB and BIS-2 in Gustavsberg in the end of August-2014. In he begiining of September-2014 became Candy BOB and BIS-puppy in Vännäs.In the middle of November-2014 became Candy best juniorbitch in a big juniorclass, she got best bitch-4 and reserve-CAC. Candy became 3:rd best junoirbitch at Stockholms international dogshow in the midle of December-2014.

I the middle of March-2015 in Stängnäs became Candy best juniorbitch and best bitch-4 with reserve-CAC.

In July-2016 wins Candy a big openclass and got best bitch-3 with CAC in Sunne. In the end of August-2016 wins Candy a big opeclass and got best bitch-3 with CAC. In the end of August-2015 in Ljungskile wins Candy once again a big open class and she got best bitch-4

In beginning of April-2018 in Malmö wins Candy a big openclass and became best bitch-2 with  CAC and became Swedish Show Champion and reserve-CACIB.. In the end of July-2018 on her debut in championclass wins CAndy the class and became best bitch-2 in Örnsköldsvik. Candy wins the championclass in Eskilstuna in the middle of August-2018 in Eskilstuna.

Candy lives in Solna with Louise since 2029

Candy has:

2 reserve-CAC
1 reserve-CACIB

Qualified to puppy of the year-2015
Swedish Show Champion

Candy Chanpion in Malmö April 1-2018

Candy CAV in Eskiltuna August 21-2016

Candy July 9 -2016 in Sunne

Candy May-2016
Candy March-2015

Candy BIS-puppy in Vännäs September 7, 2014

Candy BOB and BIS-2 puppy in Gustavsberg August 31-2014

Candy BIS-4 in Norrköping August 16 2014

Candy BIS-3 puppy in Svenstavik 3 augusti-2014

Candy in Ransäter July-2014 BIS-3 puppy

Candy BOB and BIS-2 puppy in Askersund July-2014

Candy BOB and BIS-3 puppy in Köping July-2014

Candy BOB and BIS-puppy in Sunne July-2014

Candy 4,5 mounts old Junei-2014

Candy BOB and BIS-3  puppy ini Sundsvall June-2014                                         Candy BOB and BIS-puppy in Örnsköldsvk June-2014

Candy BOB and BIS-4 in Hasslarp

Candy 13 weeks old

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