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Accounts From Russia With Love S37123/98 1998-06-23 Brown & white SUCH Trollängens Bullit & SUCH Täljövikens Kiss-Of-Fire

Photo: Cia Lindroth

Photo: Cia Lindroth

12, 5 years old photo: Cia Lindroth

Doris 2009 photo: Britt Kiderud

Doris Best in Show veteran Traume 2009 photo: Britt Kiderud

Doris is an incredibly kind dog with a great psyche and great mentality. Doris is the mother of 3 litters (two of which were born here at the kennel one who carries the kennel name Big Brazzel, go to previous litter to learn more.) She has produced lovely offsprings and many fine grandchildren as well as great grandgrand children and great grandgrandgrandgrandchildren'sand so on, that has accieved many fine results not only as showdogs but also champions in tracks as well as great placements within hunt and obedience and many showchampions. Doris enjoys long walks in the forest and has an insatiable passion for food. Her favourite place is either on the couch or in Louise´s bed.

Doris has gotten many CQ´s at shows as well as placing her self in the best bitchclass on numerous occations.

As a veteran Doris has placed herself as Best in show as well as Best in show-2 in 2006.

During the year of 2007 Doris has become Best in show-veteran no less than 11 times as well as placing herself in Best in show at a number of shows.
She became the Top Show springer of the year at Springer östras 2007.

During the Easter 2008 she was on the big dogshow "Veteran of veteran" on Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Doris has become Best in show  10 times during 2008. She became 2:nd springer of the year at Springer östras showdog 2008 and 3:rd best veteran in total in Sweden.

She began 2009 by becoming BIS-2 veteran in Strömsholm and in May BIS-veteran in Gotland. In the beginning of June she became BIS-veteran in Sundsvall and in November in Mjölby BIS-2 veteran. She has become BOB-veteran 12 times and BOS- veteran 4 times during 2009. She has been Best in Show veteran 3 times and BIS-2 veteran 3 times and BIS-3 veteran one time and BIS-5 veteran 2 times. She became 5:th springer of the year at Springer östras showdog 2009 and the 3:rd best springer show veteran in Sweden.

12 years old Doris has 12 children, 78 grandchildren, 25 great grandchildren and 21 grandchildren´s grandchildren

Over 14 years (100 human years) see report from Doris 14 years birthday party fell Doris asleep still in the grass with beautiful roses around her, she left behind 12 children, 78 grandchildren, 45 great grandchildren 47 great grand grandchildren and 50 grandchildren's grandchildren's children, and already next weeks it is expected more grandchildren's grandchildren's children and so on.

She has many incredibly nice and friendly offspring not only in Sweden's long country, in Scandinavia, Greece, Romania, Russia, Brazil, Canada, the USA, in France. Doris has many many offspring that are not only nice family dogs, she has many offsprings that are Show champion and tracking champion and dogs that are merit in obedience, hunting, agility and rally obedience.

We miss you so, dear Doris!

6 generations (missing Celine) who live or have lived at the kennel Charlie, Chelsea, Cooper, Corall, Chanel, Doris 14 years and Alfons 7 weeks old

Doris photo: Cia Lindroth and a painting of her painted by the American artist LA Shepard

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