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SEU(u)CH Big Brazzel
Catch Me If You Can 
S48321/2007 2007-06-26  Brown & White C.I.E. NORUCH, FINV-05, SV-02, NV-04, NV-06 Barecho Fun For The Future & Rowntree Xlnt Fashion At Account

May-2011 Ulriksdal

Visby May-2011 photo: Britt Kiderud

photo: Marie Larsson


Best in Show januari-2010


 Best in Show-3 November-2010 photo: Marle Larsson
Corrine is partially owned by Andrea and the kennel. Corrine, like her mother Cleo is very special. All the way through morning to night she makes sure to spin the wheel, especially with her best friends Chelsea and Zelda. Corrine hade her debut in the showring by placeing herself as the Best in Show-puppy as well as Best in Show 3-puppy and BIS 4-puppy on several occasions. She has aswell one CC in juniorclass.

She became springer of the year at Springer östras showdog 2008, 2009 2010 and 2011.

 In May 2009 became Corrine BOB and BIS-3 and she took her second CC on Gotland. In the end of May she took her third CC in Östersund, there she became BOS, but she is not 2 years old so she can´t get the championtitel yet. In the beginning of June she took her 4:th CC in Sundsvall, there she became BOS. In november-2009 in Wången
she got her 5:th CC and  Swedish Championat. Corrine became 13:th best showspringer 2009.

Corrine becomes best in show in Strömsholm in January-2010. At the end of March 2010 Corrine got her first litter whitch consisted of nine puppies, see previous litters, After her parents leave Corrine debut in showrings again and she became BOB two days in Visby and she got CACIB aswell, August-2010 and in November-2010 Corrine become BOS. And in November she become BOB and BIS-3. At Hammarö she become BOS again in the beginning of December-2010 and in middle of December-2010 she become BOB and got CACIB. At Stockholms Internatinal Dogshow in December-2010 become Corrine BOB and got CACIB,
where she also qualified for Crufts 2011. She became 4:th best showspringer 2010.

Corrine became BOS in Västerås april-2011.  Corrine became BOS at Gotland May-2011. Corrine became BOS and BIS/BOS-4 at Ulriksdals castle May-2011. In the end of May-2011 became Corrine BOB in Hasslarp. In the beginning of June-2011 became Corrine BOS in Sundsvall. In June-2011 became Corrine BOS in Alfta. In August-2011 became Corrine BOB in Vallentuna. In Augusti-2011 became Corrine BOB and BIS/BOB in Gustavsberg. On Öland in September-2011 became Corrine BOB and BIG-4. In November-2011 became Corrine BOB and BIS-3 in Östersund.
She became 4:th best showspringer 2011.

Corrine became BOB and BIS-3 in Kungsör in January-2012. She became BOB and BIS-2 in Mjölby in february-2012.
In Marsch became Corrine mother to her second litter contains of 9 puppies, 4 males and 5 bithes. In middle of June- 2012 became Corrine best bitch-2 with CACIB in Avesta. In the end of September-2012 became Corrine best bich-3 in Eckerå, Åland. In October-2012 Corrine became BOS and BIS/BOS-3 in Mjölby. In December-2012 became Corrine best bitch-4 at Stockholms international daogshow. She became top show springer-9 of the year 2012.

In Janyary-2013 became Corrine best bitch-4 two days after each other in Gothenburg, she got reserv-CACIB aswell. In the end of January became became Corrine best championbitch and best bitch-4 in  Kumla. In the beginning of March became Corrine best championbitch and best bitch-3 in Moheda. In the middle of March in Strängnäs became Corrine best championbitch and best bitch-3. In the end of April-2013 became Corrine best championbitch, best bitch, BOB and BIS-3 in Forshaga. In the end of April-2013 became Corrine best championbitch and BOS. In the beginning of May-2013 became Corrine double BOB and BIS-4 two days after each other in Visby. In mid-June 2013 when Corrine made ​​a comeback after a break, she became Best in Show at Springer Östgöta in Mjölby. In mid June-2013 Corrine became BOB and BIS-3 in Gränna. In te beginning of July-2013 became Corrine best bitch and BOS in Sunne. In the end of July-2013 Corrine became best bitch-3 in Ransäter. In middle of August-2013 became Corrine bes bitch-3 with reserv-CACIB in Norrköping. In the end of Augusti-2013  became  Corrine best bitch-3 in Dingtuna, In the middle of September-2013 became Corrine best bitch-4 at Öland. In the end of September-2013 became Corrine best bitch-2 with reserv-CACIB and reserv-CC in Eckerö at Åland. She became top show springer-5 of the year 2013.

Corrine started the dogshow year 2014 and became BOB and BIS-4 in Kumla in January 2014. In Estonia in the midle of February-2014 became Corrine best bitch-2 with reserve-CC and reserve-CACIB. In the beginning of Marsh-204 in Moheda Corrine became best bitch-4 .In the beginning of May-2014 became Corrine best bitch-2 at Gotland. In the beginning of June-2014 become Corrine best bitch-3 in Örnsköldsvik. In the middle of June-2014 became Corrine best bitch-3 in Avesta. Corrine became best bitch-3 in Jönköping August 1 2014. Corrine became best bitch-2 in Svenstavik in the beginning of August-2014.

In November-2015 became Corrine BOB-veteran and Best in Show veteran in Rättvik.

Corrine is DNA tested and clear for progressive retinal atrophy (cord1) Corrine is also tested and clear of  fucosidosis.

 April 5, 2016 our beloved and amazing Corrine fell asleep after a brief illness, to see the fim of Corrine: In memory of our Loved Corrine, click on the click

Corrine has
1 BIS-2
4 BIS-3
2 BIS-4

18 BOB
13 BOS
6 RESERV-CACIB (1 reserv-CACIB in Finland and 1 in Estonia)
5 CC
2 reserv-CC (1 reserv-CC in Finland and 1 in Estonia)
1 BOB-veteran
1 BIS-veteran

The years springer östras showdog
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

4:th Top Showspringer 2010.
4:th Top Showspringer 2011.
5:th Top Showspringer 2013.

Swedish Show Champion

Corrine BIS-veteran in Rättvik November-2015

Corrine February 2014

Corrine BOB and BIS-4 in Kumla January-2014

Corrine Best In Show Springer Östgöta June 15                            Corrine BOB, BIS-3 Gränna June 16

Corrine BOB and BIS-4

Corrine BOB, BIS-3 in Forshaga April-2013

 Corrine BIS/BIM-3 in Mjölby October-2012

photo: Britt Kiderud


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