Breeding of beautiful and mentaly stable dogs in a warm home environment

Update December 14

Christmas regards

We are waitng puppies after  "Cruella" SE(U)CH NOCH SEJV-2017 J LITCH DKUCK, NORDUCH Lady MarmaladeTamaam and "Ceven" SEU(U)CH DKUCH JLITCH Big Brazzel Right Look Of Love in the beginning of February, with delivery in the beginning of April-2020, see planned litters

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Chelsea (SEU(U)CH Big Brazzel Born To Be Wild) top veteran 2018


Springer östras tup show dog 2018 "Cruella" SEU(U)CH NOCH JLITCH SEJV-17 Lady Marmalade Taamam


Colleen SEU(U)CH NORDJW-2014 Big Brazzel All I Love Top Show junior springer-2014


Cody SEU(U)CH CIE PTCH LW-2014 PTCH IB CH Big Brazzel Back In Business Top Junior 2013


Cecilia (C.I.E. SEJV-2012 SEU(U)CH EECH NOUCH Big Brazzel Every Time We Touch) Top Junior 2012
and Springer östras Showdog-2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017. 3:rd Top Show springer-2013 and Runner up Top Springer-2014


Chelsea (SEU(U)CH Big Brazzel Born To Be Wild) Top Junior 2009


Corrine (SEU(U)CH Big Brazzel Catch Me If You Can) Springer östras showdog 2008.2009, 2010 and 2011


6 generation (Celine is missing) who live or have lived at thekennel Charlie, Chelsea, Cooper, Corall, Chanel, Doris 14 years and Alfons 7 weeks

Five generation livning at the  kenneln (Doris, Charlie, Celine, Chanel och Corall)

Report from Doris birthdayparty 14 years

Reports from showtraining June 11-2016 at kennel Big Brazzel

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